I am interested in developing and coordinating community outreach programs (school visits, seniors, etc..)

I am good at organizing and communications and would be prepared to take on a leadership role when these opportunities come up.

I have strong computer skills and would be interested in being on a technology committee to help keep the website up to date and/or keep members informed of events by e-mail.
I’d like to help with an exhibition i.e. assist with receiving, hanging, take down of work. I can do this when requested at various times of the year. I would be working in a team.
I am interested in stuffing envelopes and making mail outs ‘happen’. I can do this about 3 to 5 times a year with the help of other people.
I would be prepared to assist an exhibition coordinator and be responsible for specific areas of mounting a major Arteast exhibition
I can take over the preparation of award certificates, either by calligraphy or on the computer for events three times a year

I like to write articles and could do this once a year for the newsletter. i.e. book reviews, movie reviews, profile of members and interviews.

I am able to keep track of supply needs in the supply cupboard located at VACO ( envelopes, cards, pins, etc) and purchase supplies ( for reimbursement from Arteast) when needed.
I am the kind of person that needs to know more before I commit myself, please talk to me because I think I would like to contribute to the organization but I’m unsure how to do this.

Combinations of any of the above jobs are welcome!!!! Merci - thank you
telephone number___________e-mail____________________

Please return to

c/o Shenkman Arts Centre,
Attention: Volunteer Coordinator,
Suite 260, Box 5,
245 Centrum Blvd.,
Orleans, ON,
K1E 0A1




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