2018 Executive

Board of Directors 2018

The volunteer board for the management and planning meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm (please check the calendar for meeting locations) except July, August and December.

Management and Planning 2018

If you are interested in a vacant position, or would like to attend a meeting please contact the President. The Executive meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the AOE office in the Shenkman Arts Centre.

President: Lindy Nadarajah

Vice - President: Claire Ouseley

Secretary: Lise Guindon

Treasurer and Membership: Cheryl Mattice

Past President: Lynne Alsford


Arteast Juried Awards Exhibition: Richard Pell - Lead, Cheryl Mattice, Carmen Dufault, Mary Ann Varley

Grow With Art: Mary Ann Varley - Lead, Christina Patterson, Robert McAlpine, Claire Ouseley, Danielle Beaulieu,

Communications: Arteast Digest Kerstin Peters, Publicity Jane Cass

Open Studio: Corinne Feasey, Dorothy Zorn

Trinity Art Gallery: Maureen Rooney Mitchell

School Outreach Projects:

Blackburn Library: Jessie Parker 613-255-8104
Robert Arnold 613-255-8104

North Gloucester Library: Christine Gendron, Marie Leger, Pari Zati

Orleans Library: Corinne Feasey

St Laurent Library: Linda Dabros

Promenade Arteast: Maureen Rooney Mitchell , Isabella Lévêque Bouchard, Clarisse Cheseaux , Dorothy Zorn, Kate Daller, Claire Ouseley

St Laurent Complex: Elizabeth Baechlin, Helen Lepage, and Rashmi Rekha

Francois Dupuis: Glen May, Doreen Hardiman, and Mark Bottomley

Luna Sole: Gwen Cowen, Richard Pell,

Volunteer Coordinator:Vice President

Newsletter: Lynne Alsford, Editor.

Photographer: Charles Frost

Website: Webadministrator




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