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Arteast Ottawa Community
Outreach Projects of 2018

by Josie De Meo

This spring, Arteast was really busy with several community outreach projects. These Community outreach reach projects were sponsored by DeSerres. We want to thank the Manager, Thomas Baribault and staff.

On April 21st, Arteast artists painted a 5-foot tulip for the Canadian Tulip Festival during the Hello Spring Event at centre court in the St. Laurent Shopping Centre. Ginette D’Aoust-Castonguay, Clarisse Cheseaux, Corinne Feasey, and I braved the crowds and donated our personal time to present our talents and smiles. Special thanks to the marketing team of the shopping centre.

Then, on April 26th, 27th and 28th, I was at it again painting a second 5-foot tulip in the DeSerres store with some amazing artists: Ginette D’Aoust-Castonguay, Maureen Rooney Mitchell and Marilyn Carpentier. We want to thank store Manager, Thomas Baribault and his staff.

Finally, on May 15th, Arteast hosted a day of art at the St. Brother André Catholic Elementary School, a school for children with special needs. With the help of Educational Assistant, Debra Corkery, and the Principal, Sean Crookshank, we organized a day of painting for 200 students, from kindergarten to 6th grade. The school also asked that we help the kids paint a “buddy bench”. What is a “buddy bench”? It is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground.

The devoted and talented Arteast volunteer artists guided the students to create artworks in print media and watercolours, and to contribute to six large artworks in acrylic, as well as the “buddy bench”. The kids had huge smiles and enjoyed the experience, and we all received personalized thank-you cards at the end of the day. Thanks to all volunteers who contributed to this special day for the kids: Cheryl Mattice, Maryse Hatchard, Bill Lee, Mary Ann Varley, Anne Warburton, Carmen Dufault, Corinne Feasey, new members Kim and Catherine Niman, Kate Daller, Claire Ouseley, Maurene Atherton and Lindy Nadarajah. A special thanks to my husband Marc, who helped load and unload all the equipment, and to Ginette D’Aoust-Castonguay and Anne Desrochers for volunteering their entire day with me.

Community Outreach Brother St Andre

Photos by Catherine Niman and Josie De meo

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Community Outreach Tulips

Photos by Maureen Rooney Mitchell


Photos by Josie De Meo





Arteast & DeSerres Sennelier & Raphael brush workshop

by Josie De Meo






Arteast Ottawa Community
Outreach Projects of 2017

by Josie De Meo

Arteast members volunteered in many outreach projects in 2017. The following is a brief review of these activities:

May 2017: We had the unveiling of our massive maple leaf Canada in Leaf, created by over 30 artists for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Now it has found a new home at the front entrance of the Nepean Centrepointe Library.

June 7th: We worked with the Variety East group at Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex, creating with watercolours. Over 10 participants played with water and paint creating small artworks for two hours. Five Arteast members volunteered.

October 1st: Culture Days which raises awareness of artistic activities is held every year around our beautiful city. We, Arteast members, have always participated to engage the public in the arts. Our demonstrations featured Maureen Rooney-Mitchell painting a portrait in oils and Raymonde Wolfe and I created small watercolors. This provided the opportunity to discuss our techniques and our love of creating. This year’s Culture Days coincided with our vernissage on Promenade Arteast at the Shenkman Arts Center.

November 4th: Artpreneur ( held at the Shenkman Arts Center) is an annual conference for all artistic genres. Lynne Alsford, Lindy Nadarajah, Maureen Rooney Mitchell and I were present to promote Arteast’s activities and the value of a membership. We were successful in attracting new members and intend to participate in this event every two years.

November 24th -25th: Baz’Art is an annual event held by the Shenkman Arts Center with various artists exhibiting and artisans selling their creations. We were strategically placed in front of Promenade Arteast to promote Arteast and the talents of our members. For the two-day duration of this event, over 15 members demonstrated in oil, acrylics, watercolors, drawing and other media. These members were given the opportunity to sell some of their works without commission. Over $800 worth or artworks were sold. Congrats to all!

November 28th: We partnered with DeSerres for a free Golden workshop with Andrea Warren. Over 14 members participated. More partnership events are being planned, so keep reading your weekly emails. Do not forget Arteast members get 10% off their purchases at the DeSerres in the St. Laurent Shopping Center.

November 30th: We coordinated the Acquired Brian injury Day Program at the Bob McQuarrie Recreation Complex. Three members volunteered their time and talent to help 10 participants create Christmas cards and small creations over a two-hour period. We have been invited to return next year.

Many thanks to all our volunteers involved in 2017 projects: Maureen Rooney Mitchell, Lore Organ, Patricia Fish, Ginette D’Aoust Castonguay, Lynne Alsford, Lindy Nadarajah, Raymonde Wolfe, Clarisse Cheseaux, Corinne Feasey, Beata Jakubek, Lissa Rachelle, Anne Warburton, Danielle Beaulieu, Hélène Lepage, Kerstin Peters and Helen Rosseau, Elisabeth Baechlin, Murielle Bérubé, Joyce Buckley, Gwen Cowan, Carmen Dufault, Virginia Dupuis, Erika Farkas, Diane Freeman, Jennifer Garland, Doreen Hardiman, Maryse Legault, Marie Léger, Cheryl Mattice, Claire Ouseley, Lydia Pépin, Mike Phillips, Rashmi Rehka, Mary Ann Varley, and Dorothy Zorn

We are planning a many outreach and partner projects for 2018. If you want to help, please contact me at

30 November 2017

Photos by Helen Rosseau













Culture Days
1 October 2017

Photos by Helen Rosseau


by Josie De Meo

ARTEAST was invited this year to three community events to promote Arteast and its members at the Shenkman Art Centre. In October 2014, ARTEAST participated during Artpreneur. This event takes place every year at the Shenkman Art Centre. We had a booth to promote ARTEAST. We were all decked out, displaying our beautiful banner, brochures, and membership applications. We were able to talk to many possible future members and, to our delight, we gained more than four new members because of this event. We are grateful that the following members were able to help: Clarisse Cheseaux, Diane Freeman, Mari Brown, Maureen Rooney Mitchell and Mary Ann Varley.

An annual event, Baz’Art, was held on November 29th and 30th, at the Shenkman Art Centre. ARTEAST was there to introduce our artist members and our organisation to the community. We had 15 artists on two days, demonstrating their artistic talent. We were amazed at the answer to our call for volunteers. We were even more amazed that some of the members sold smaller artworks while they were demonstrating. These artists devoted one to three hours of their time to promote themselves and ARTEAST. A huge “Thanks” go to Kerstin Peters, Anne Warburton, Doreen Hardiman, Murielle Bérubé, Carmen Dufault, Moiya Wright, Mari Brown, Diane Freeman, Maureen Rooney Mitchell, Virginia Dupuis, Maryse Hatchard, Marie Leger, and Mary Ann Varley. Also, we had a non-member who wanted to participate and learn more about us - thanks to Karin Sundin.

ARTEAST received an invitation by a local women's group from the Community Pentecostal Church. They were holding their Annual Black and White Christmas Gala at the Shenkman Arts Centre in the lower lobby on the evening of December 2nd. Their request was for a few artists, who were in the current exhibition on Promenade ARTEAST, to talk about their displayed artwork and their artistic background. We introduced the 150 ladies in attendance to our organisation and had a few minutes each to talk about our creations. We were honored to have the following artists come to this event and promote themselves and ARTEAST. What a great opportunity it was to connect with some wonderful ladies of our community, and who knows maybe we have sold a piece or two! A special thanks to the following artists who joined me at this event: Lynne Alsford, Marie Leger, Yvette Le Gal, Carmen Dufault, Diane Freeman and Mary Ann Varley.

January 2013 Valentine for the Vets - to read the full story

During the month of January Arteast was invited to host two workshops at Senior Residences.

December 2012 - to read the full story

After two years of preparations, the art festival took place on December 17th. Eight of our fellow artist volunteered at Marius Barbeau catholic elementary school.

June 2012 Orleans Festival - to read the full story

Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd 2012 , Arteast had a very active role in our community. Arteast project during the Orleans Festival at the Shenkman's Art Center

April 2012 - to read the full story

Glen Ogilvy School is tucked along Centrepark Crescent in cosy Blackburn Hamlet. Book markers, watercolour cards and eight 36 X 36" canvases were designed and painted.

December 2011 - to read the full story

Projet "Rendez-vous" : Programmes d'Ottawa est pour les personnes ayant des besoins particuliers/special needs, au Complexe récréatif Ray Friel/Ray Friel Recreation Complex, Cumberland, Ontario.

April 2011 - to read the full story

École élémentaire catholique des Voyageurs, Ottawa
6030, prom. Voyageur, Orleans (Ontario) K1C 2T1

May 2010 - to read the full story

Creating a wall mural with Queen Elizabeth Public School Gr. 4/5 student artists and Arteast artists.

2009 - to read the full story

Arteast was one of the successful recipients of a Grant from the City of Ottawa. Part of the grant application has a "Community Service" component. One of Arteast's community Service Outreach Project's involves voluteering "artistically" with Queen Elizabeth School.




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