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Arteast is a highly active not-for-profit visual arts organization.
Arteast est une association très active dans les arts visuels.

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Arteast Open studio / St. Laurent Complex
Studio-libre d'Arteast /complex St-Laurent

September - December studios will be Sep 10 & 24, Oct 8 & 22, Nov 12 & 26 and Dec 10.
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Please pre-register for the next 'open studio'. We need 6 members per session for the studio to run. The registration form is available on the Arteast website http://www.arteastottawa.com.
Please confirm with one of the following Arteast volunteers:
Corinne Feasey:c_feasey@hotmail.com
Dorothy Zorn: dzorn1624@rogers.com

Prenez note que le studio des mois sep - dec: sep 10 & 24, oct 8 & 22, nov 12 & 26 et dec 10
S'il-vous-plaît veuillez-vous préinscrire pour cette nouvelle session. Nous avons besoin d'au moins six membres pour que cette activité ait lieu! Le formulaire d'inscription est disponible sur le site Web d'Arteast http://www.arteastottawa.com.
Merci de confirmer votre présence avec un des bénévoles suivants:
Corinne Feasey:c_feasey@hotmail.com
Dorothy Zorn: dzorn1624@rogers.com

Arteast Juried Award Exhibition (AJAE)

27 September - 19 November

Arteast showcases the work of its general membership in the latest Exhibition at the St Laurent Complex

The public is invited to an opening reception for its latest show, the 2015 Arteast Juried Award Exhibition. The reception will take place on Thursday, October 1, 2015 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the St. Laurent Complex.
  Arteast présente des oeuvres de ses membres lors de son exposition au Complexe St-Laurent.

Le public est invité au vernissage de la présente 'Exposition annuelle par jury d'Arteast 2015'. La réception se déroule le lundi 1 octobre 2015 de 19h à 21h, au Complexe St-Laurent.

contact Cheryl Mattice


Luna Sole

July 28 - September 8
Nohad Selman is Featured Artist

Art is a Story of Life
"The art has grown up with me from my childhood," says Selman, and while it was kept in a corner (as it was for many of us), "nowadays it blooms again with many outstanding drawings and artwork. ...For me, the art is a story of life that will live with me and the art story will never die."

Luna Sole is in the mall at Jeanne d'Arc and Youville Drive and is open throughout the day and evening.

Songs of Summer / Chansons de l'été

This show is part of Arteast Ottawa's 25 Anniversary.

The public is invited to visit Arteast Ottawa's newest art exhibition space at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre. This is the latest exhibit at the Centre, located at 2263 Portobello Boulevard, Ottawa, and includes works from four active volunteers within the Arteast membership.

Summer sun is the theme. You can hear the wind rustling through the field of Jane Cass's bright sunflowers. Nohad Selman brings the sweltering heat of the summer sun in a desert. The image of the lone heron by Michael Phillips reminds us of the relief in cool waters while Andree Marchessault has summer flowers that light up the inside. The artists capture the summer in all its variations.

"Songs of Summer" runs until September 21st at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre located at 2263 Portobello Boulevard in the Avalon area of Orleans. The centre is open seven days a week. All the artwork is for sale and any would make an excellent gift.
Cette exposition fait partie du 25 anniversaire d'Arteast Ottawa.

Le public est invité à visiter la plus récente espace d'exposition d'art d'Arteast Ottawa au centre récréatif François Dupuis. Cette nouvelle exposition du centre, au 2263 boulevard Portobello, Ottawa, comprend des oeuvres de quatre bénévoles d'Arteast

Le thème est le soleil de l'été. Vous pouvez entendre le bruissement du vent dans les champs de tournesols lumineux de Jane Cass. Nohad Selman apporte la chaleur étouffante du soleil d'été dans un désert. L'image du héron solitaire par Michael Phillips nous rappelle le rafraichissement de l'eau fraîche. Les fleurs d'été d'Andrée Marchessault illuminent l'intérieur. Les artistes capturent l'été dans toutes ses variations.

Les Chansons de l'été se déroule jusqu'au 21 septembre au centre récréatif François Dupuis situé au 2263 boulevard Portobello dans la région d'Orléans Avalon. Le centre est ouvert sept jours par semaine. Tous les oeuvres d'art qui y sont exposées sont en vente.


Jessie Parker, solo show at Blackburn Library Art Display Space:
"Urban Jazz", July 25-Sept 26,2015

Since the 70's Jessie's photo-based art has pushed the envelope technically and visually, often going beyond the "traditional" depiction of subjects, teasing viewers to find their own answers influenced by their own history. She plays with what is real and what seems real but isn't. Her photo-based art unearths new concepts, truths, re-presenting the world , inviting us to see otherwise. In this show of images from her Urban Jazz Suite, she uses the camera as a "brush", painting with light, transforming urban reality with movement ,highlighting the spirit and personality of the city.

Maritime born, Jessie received her B.Ed, and BFA from Mount Allison University, under Alex Colville, 1965. She has lived in Ottawa since 1979. She has shown extensively in the Maritimes, Ontario, UK, USA. Her stock photography has been published worldwide since 1987. Her talks at the National Gallery pulled in record crowds in the '90's. Her recent eBooks for Visual Artists are published with Amazon.

Library hours are: Monday to Thursday: 10 - 8:30, Friday: 1:00 - 6:00, Saturday: 10:00- 5:00, Sunday: closed

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support artists in their local community as well as the Blackburn Hamlet Library.


"Birches: The Goddess Tree"

Arteast artist Marie Leger along with potter and ceramic sculptor Alenka Paquet presents the exhibition "Birches: The Goddess Tree" at the Shenkman Art Center Display Case (the display case on the main floor at Shenkman Center)

This exihibit is a duo of ceramic sculptures and encaustic paintings depicting birches which brings to mind this beautiful Celtic admiration of birches. The birch is a brilliant symbol of renewal, and is also symbolic of stability and structure. In this this tradition birches are called "Lady of the Woods" or the "Goddess Tree".

The exhibition runs from July 31st to August 31st 2015.


ARTEAST - Celebrating 25 Years of Plein Air : Mer Bleue /
ARTEAST : célébrons 25 ans d'expérience de peindre sur le vif : Mer Bleue

The public is invited to a vernissage for 25 Years of Plein Air: Mer Bleue, the latest show to be presented by ARTEAST. The reception takes place on Sunday, July 26 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the ground floor of the Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Orleans.
This exhibition also commemorates ARTEAST'S 25th anniversary as a vibrant association of artists in Eastern Ontario.

25 Years of Plein Air: Mer Bleue features the diverse works of ARTEAST members, capturing the evanescent light and unique beauty of one of our Region's most outstanding natural treasures. These works were inspired by the plein air experience, organized by ARTEAST last summer, and present artistic interpretations of the many wonders of Mer Bleue. They also showcase the varied mediums employed and are representative of the high quality of work produced by ARTEAST members.
  Le public est invité au Vernissage de l'exposition << 25ème...Peindre sur le vif à Mer Bleue >> présenté par les membres d'Arteast. La réception aura lieu le dimanche 26 juillet 2015, de 13h à 15h au niveau 1 du Centre des Arts Shenkman, 245 Boulevard Centrum, à Orléans.

Dans cette nouvelle exposition << 25ème ...Peindre sur le vif à Mer Bleue >> Arteast célèbre la lumière et la beauté d'un de nos sites naturels de la Capitale!
Ces oeuvres ont été inspirées lors d'une expérience de Plein air l'été dernier. Plusieurs artistes ont participé pour présenter les richesses et les trésors de Mer Bleue.

Dans ces oeuvres, on y retrouve plusieurs médiums, ainsi qu'une grande variété de styles et de sujets, représentatifs de la haute qualité des artistes membres d'Arteast.


Call for Art / Appel aux artistes

Twenty-Five Years of Big Ideas
25ème Anniversaire - Voir en grand

September 24 - November 24, 2015 / 24 septembre - 24 novembre 2015

As one of the shows to celebrate Arteast's 25th year Promenade Arteast in the Shenkman Arts Centre will be showcasing an exhibition of large size pieces. (Wall hung artwork only, though there is space for two regular size 3d pieces in the sculpture cabinet)
We are looking for artwork over 38" wide up to 60" wide plus up to 72" tall. As we will only be able to accommodate 5 to 10 pieces (depending on response) we will let you know if your piece is accepted when the Call for Art deadline expires.
The application is available on the forms page: http://www.arteastottawa.com/forms.php under Promenade Arteast
Please send applications or an email with all relevant artwork information (including volunteer preference) to promenade@arteastottawa.com
Deadline July 10th
Maureen Rooney Mitchell
  A l'occasion du 25e anniversaire d'Arteast, une des expositions au Centre des arts Shenkman consistera en oeuvres de grands formats. (Le mur prévoit des tableaux et le cabinet pourra recevoir 2 oeuvres en 3D).
Les tableaux devront avoir entre 38 et 60 pouces de large et 72 pouces de haut. Comme nous serons capables d'accommoder entre 5 et 10 pièces (selon les réponses), nous vous laisserons savoir si votre pièce est acceptée lorsque la date butoir sera atteinte pour l'appel aux artistes.
Le formulaire d'application est disponible : http://www.arteastottawa.com/forms.php Sous Promenade Arteast
Faites parvenir votre application ou un courriel avec les informations de votre oeuvre (incluant votre préférence comme bénévolat) à: promenade@arteastottawa.com
Date limite le 10 juillet
Maureen Rooney Mitchell

Arteast's 25th anniversary activity:

August 22nd from 10am to 2pm Arteast will hold our very first Family and friends picnic at Petrie Island, situated at picnic area 4. Just bring your lunches/snacks, come with your kids, grandchildren, spouse and let's celebrate our 25th. We will have activities for the kids. Also members can have fun, maybe can do some Plein air painting.

Picnic area: The picnic area is located to the west of the main beach area. It contains a number of mature trees that provide welcome shade. There is also a beach suitable for small children.

Parking: Parking costs $2 for 5 hours.

Petrie Island has some restriction : Users of the picnic area are reminded: 9 pm curfew, no dogs on the island, no alcohol, clean up afterwards, don't feed those cute looking animals, don't catch the frogs or turtles, don't pick the nice flowers. If you want to cook food, bring your own gas barbeque - no charcoal please because there is no place to safely dispose of the coals.

See you at the Picnic. No Rain date Contact person: Josie demeo@bell.net

Wild Parsnip: As you may know, wild parsnip is present in the Ottawa area. Should you encounter this plant on Petrie Island, be sure not to touch it as the sap can cause serious skin reactions when exposed to the sun and can cause eye irritation. You can find more information about wild parsnip, including pictures that will help you identify the plant, on the What's New page of the City of Ottawa's Web site at ottawa.ca
  La prochaine activité sera le pique-nique familial qui aura lieu à l'île Petrie, samedi le 22 août de 10h à 14h. Venez partager cette belle journée avec vos collègues, vos enfants, vos petit enfants, votre époux/se. Veuillez bien apporter votre diner.

Nous aurons des activités artistiques pour les petits, et peut-être les plus grands pourront faire de la peinture plein air.

La zone de pique-nique est située à l'ouest de la zone de la plage principale. Elle contient un certain nombre d'arbres matures qui offrent de l'ombre. Il y a aussi une plage pour les petits enfants.

Stationnement : Le coût est de $2.00 pour 5 hrs.

Les restrictions à l'île Pétrie : Les utilisateurs de la zone de pique-nique n'ont pas le droit de faire des feux, d'apporter leurs chiens ou d'apporter de l'alcool. S.V.P. bien ramasser et nettoyer après l'activité, ne nourrissez pas les mignons animaux, n'attrapez pas les grenouilles ou les tortues et ne ramassez pas les belles fleurs. Si vous voulez faire cuire de la nourriture, apportez votre propre barbecue à gaz - pas de charbon s'il vous plaît, car il n'y a aucun endroit où le jeter en sécurité.

No Rain date; Contact person: Josie demeo@bell.net

Le panais sauvage : Comme vous le savez, le panais sauvage est présent dans la région d'Ottawa. Si vous observez cette plante à l'Ile-Pétrie, ne pas y toucher parce que la sève peut causer de sérieuses réactions sur la peau et de l’irritation aux yeux si vous vous exposez au soleil. Vous pouvez lire plus d'info au sujet du panais sauvage incluant des photos, aidant à mieux identifier la plante, en consultant le site web de la Ville d'Ottawa : ottawa.ca

Bernard Poirier exhibition of watercolours

St-Laurent Library in conjunction with Arteast is proud to present an exhibition of watercolours by Bernard Poirier. This solo show is titled The Perspective of Nature and runs from June 26th to October 2nd 2015.

Bernard Emile Poirier, fondly known as BEP, has always had an interest in drawing. Pencil and watercolours became his main medium. His work is influenced by the love of nature, concentrating on mountains, watersheds and trees with a technique using colours and composition to enhance dimensional perspective.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support artists in their local community as well as the St-Laurent Library.

Location: St-Laurent branch of the Ottawa Public Library,
505 Côté Street, Ottawa K1K 0Z8
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 - 8:30, Friday: 1:00 - 6:00,
Saturday: 10:00- 5:00, Sunday: closed.

exhibition of paintings

May 1st - to August 31st
Hours: Monday: 1-5, Tuesday to Thursday: 9-5 , Friday: 9-12
Arteast artist Maureen Rooney Mitchell presents an exhibition of paintings
at The Legal Information Centre of Ottawa, Suite 1400, 85 Albert St, Ottawa.

In this exhibit Maureen has included something that represents each of her muses from the whimsy of 'Too Close' to the winsomeness of "Cartoon Watching". Maureen's artwork is not confined to one subject matter, and when she tackles an artwork it usually fits one of several moulds: it has personal meaning, or, there is something whimsical that has tickled her funny bone that she wishes to pursue, or, there is a subject that just cries out to be explored, and sometimes, a pretty picture is just a pretty picture!

Cartoon Watching      Maureen Rooney Mitchell

"25 years of artistic adventure" /
"25 ans d'aventure artistique"

Gala Banquet

Tuesday, November 24, 2015/ Mardi le 24 novembre, 2015
5:30 p.m. / 17h30 Cocktails
6:30 p.m./18h30 Dinner/Souper
Pine View Golf Course 1471 Blair, Ottawa
Tickets/ Billets: $25 Members/Membres, $35 for Guests/Invités
Cash Bar/ bar payant -- Free Parking/ stationnement gratuit
Order form (Word), (PDF)

Website Opportunities with Arteast / Profitez du siteweb d'Arteast
for more information/plus d'information check here / ici


ATTENTION MEMBERS: We have a new e-mail address: president@arteastottawa.com. If you have any announcements that you would like the general membership to know about please use our new address.