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Arteast is a highly active not-for-profit visual arts organization.
Arteast est une association très active dans les arts visuels.

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Arteast-Grow With Art
L'art en herbe

26TH Annual General Meeting/ L'Assemblée générale annuelle 26
and a presentation by Jim Cummings/ et une présentation de Jim Cummings
How I Saw It - photos and stories

On Tuesday, January 26, 2016 AGM at 7:00 pm,
Presentation follows at 7:30
Le mardi 26 janvier 2016, AGA à 19 h et la présentation à 19:30 h
at 255 Centrum Blvd. 2nd floor Gallery, Orléans
255 boul. Centrum, 2e étage, Orléans (ON)

I'm an amateur photographer living in Kanata, Ontario and use the Canon 40D and Canon 'L' series lenses. I've been fortunate enough to have one of my photos displayed at the Museum of Nature here in Ottawa, and will have 2 more displayed there this summer.

26 janvier/January 2016

L'ASSEMBLÉE GÉNÉRALE ANNUELLE D'ARTEAST se tiendra le 26 janvier 2016 à 19h au 2e étage du 255 Boul. Centrum, Orléans. J'encourage tous les membres à assister à cette importante réunion annuelle, incluant l'élection de nouveaux directeurs du Conseil d'Arteast. Un minimum de 20 membres est requis pour ouvrir la réunion, 30 si les infos concernent les amendements aux règlements. L'agenda sera distribué aux membres dès le début de janvier. L'AGM /AGA sera suivie de présentation de L'art en herbe (vous recevrez plus de dÉtails à une date ultérieure).   Arteast will hold its Annual General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, 26 January 2016, in the 2nd floor Gallery at 255 Centrum Blvd. in Orleans. I urge as many members as possible to attend this important annual meeting, which will include the election of some new Directors to Arteast's Board. A minimum of 20 members are required to be present for the conduct of general business, 30 if that business includes amendments to the by-laws. The agenda will be distributed to all members in early January. The AGM will be followed by the Grow With Art presentation (more details to follow at a later date).

Joyce Buckley
exhibition of paintings

Jan 11th to April 29th 2016
Hours: Monday: 1-5, Tuesday to Thursday: 9-5 , Friday: 9-12

Arteast artist Joyce Buckley presents an exhibition of paintings
at The Legal Information Centre of Ottawa, Suite 1400, 85 Albert St, Ottawa.

"Canada's North - Capturing A Place In Time" looks at Canada's northern landscapes with their vast rolling skies,majestic mountains and massive bodies of water. Joyce depicts nature's own abstract sculptures, each one with unique beauty, changing and evolving with light.

Her choice of medium is oil. Employing the methods and methodologies of her predecessors, to create depth and luminosity drawing the viewer into the calm and deafening quiet of what is Canada's true north, - simplified and pared-down yet with an aura of grandeur and water seemingly stretching to infinity.

Mountain Range Rising above Maligne Lake      Joyce Buckley

St Laurent Complex

Arteast Ottawa a le plaisir de présenter
Arteast is honored to present,
les oeuvres de quatre de ses membres / the artworks of four of its members
du 15 janvier au 18 mars, au Complexe St-Laurent / until march the 18th, at St-Laurent Complex

L'aquarelliste Monique Huneault offre des oeuvres sur papier de soie ou sur papier d'Arches, où dominent la lumière et la transparence. The watercolourist, Monique Huneault offers artworks on silk paper or Arches paper, which dominate with light and transparency.

Hélène Lepage vous surprendra par la magie que les couleurs aqueuses apportent à ses oeuvres créées "sans idée préconçue". Hélène Lepage will surprise you with the magic brought by water colours to her artworks created without pre conceived ideas.

Kerstin Peters expose un magnifique assortiment d'acryliques et d'huiles qui célèbrent la beauté de l'hiver canadien. Kerstin Peters shows a magnificent assortment of oil and acrylics which celebrate the beauty of our Canadian winters.

Christine Lenoir-Godin a crée des acryliques grands formats pour exprimer la magnificence du travail des agriculteurs qu'elle respecte et admire. Christine Lenoir-Godin created large acrylic paintings to express magnificence of the farmer's work, which she admires and respect.

New Season of Artists
At Luna Sole Restaurant

MARILYN CAMPBELL is the first of eight Arteast artists to exhibit at Luna Sole in 2016. Her work draws on paintings by various artists modern and historical. She, like many Arteast members, came to painting later in life. Her appreciation of the "wonderful world we live in" was in part stimulated by studying watercolours under Kathy Harker-Flander and participating in Arteast events. She signs her work "marilyn sara".

If you are interested in acquiring one of her paintings,
please call Marilyn at 613-834-9937 or email her at mcmarilynsara@gmail.com.

Future exhibiting artists are: Gwen Cowan, Lissa Rachell, Christine Blais, Herb van der Staay, Shirley Moulton, Maryse Hatchard, and Kerstin Peters.

Luna Sole is located in the mall at Jeanne d'Arc Boulevard and Youville Drive. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, or dinner or just a light snack anytime.

Diane Freeman
Exhibition of Watercolours

St-Laurent-Library in conjunction with Arteast is proud to present an exhibition of watercolours by Diane Freeman. This solo show is titled 'Travel Memories' and runs from January 8, 2016 to April 1, 2016.

Diane has always enjoyed creating art in various mediums but pursued watercolours because of it's challenging complexities. Her paintings are unlike typical watercolours as she paints with vivid color, detail and realism.

The subject of her paintings are derived from family travels and adventures.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support artists in their local community as well as the St-Laurent Library.

Location: St-Laurent branch of the Ottawa Public Library,
505 Côté Street, Ottawa K1K 0Z8
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 - 8:30, Friday: 1:00 - 6:00,
Saturday: 10:00- 5:00, Sunday: closed.

Call for Art
St. Laurent Complex Gallery

The St-Laurent team is happy to announce all the Mixed Shows are booked for 2016
L'équipe de St-Laurent a le plaisir d'annoncer que tous les espaces d'expos ont été alloués pour l'année 2016.

Upcoming Shows / Prochaines Exposition

Winter Mix / Couleurs d'hiver -- Jan/jan 15 - Mar/mar 18, 2016
Spring Mix / Couleurs de printemps -- Mar/mar 18 - May 13, 2016
Summer Mix / Couleurs d'été -- May/mai 13 - Jul/jul 15, 2016
Autumn Mix / Couleurs d'automne -- Jul/jul 15 - Sep/sep 16, 2016

Call for Art
Promenade Arteast

"Winter Medley"

Feb 11 - April 19

Coming up in February 2016 is the next unjuried Promenade Arteast exhibition.
One artwork per member may be submitted.
(One piece up to a width of 38 inches x 72 inches tall including frame or one three dimensional work:- size limit-12"} x 12" x 36" h)
Members who wish to participate are requested to fill out an application form (Word), (PDF) with all the details of the artwork they wish to submit and send it to promenade2@arteastottawa.com.

Application deadline - December 20, 2015

There is no theme for this show

If a large selection of work is submitted the applicants will be added to the list for subsequent shows providing applications are received by the posted deadline. Members will be informed if they are accepted in the posted exhibition or a subsequent show.

(Drop off day for selected artwork is the day before the exhibition starts 10am - 11am)

Exhibitors must bring the completed, signed form with their work on changeover day.

Entrants must be members or will become members of Arteast. There is a $5 hanging fee.

For information contact:

Mary Ann Varley
Maureen Rooney Mitchell

Studio Opportunity

The Kevin Dodds Gallery and Studio 1101 Banks Street, Ottawa, ON is looking for 4 to 6 artists, potters, jewellers interested in renting studio and/or gallery space.
For information please contact Kevin at: 613-286-8512


Arteast a le plaisir de présenter les oeuvres des membres d'Arteast qui ont reçu un prix en 2014. Cette exposition est présentée à la Promenade Arteast du Centre des Arts Shenkman à Orléans. Le public est invité au vernissage de l'exposition "Gagnants de prix 2014", par les membres d'Arteast. La réception aura lieu le dimanche 29 novembre, de 13h à 15h, niveau 1 au Centre des Arts Shenkman, 245 boul. Centrum à Orléans.

L'association Arteast est heureuse de présenter les travaux des membres d'Arteast gagnants lors de la 33ème édition de l'exposition par jury pour prix au complexe St-Laurent. Les oeuvres présentées par les membres d'Arteast englobent plusieurs médiums, ainsi qu'une grande variété de styles, représentatif de la grande qualité des travaux produits par les membres d'Arteast où l'on y retrouve des amateurs et des professionnels.
Arteast is pleased to present an exhibition of work by those members of Arteast who received an award at the 2014 Arteast Juried Awards Exhibition. The public is invited to an opening reception for Arteast Awards Winners of 2014 - Gagnants de prix 2014, the latest show to be presented by Arteast. The reception will take place on Sunday, November 29, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the ground floor of the Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Boulevard, Orleans.

ARTEAST is pleased to present the diverse works of its members, comprising many subjects, styles and media. Its membership includes many talented local artists, as well as a good number from all over the world. Such a diverse group enriches Ottawa's creative community with a wide variety of global viewpoints, training and experience. There is a story behind every unique artwork, and an artist willing to elaborate on that story.


Virginia Dupuis Exhibition of Paintings, solo show at Blackburn Library Art Display Space:
"Foliage", Nov 28th to Jan 30th 2016

"Foliage" is the representation of leaves, flowers and branches, in the ornamental, architectural, - indeed in this case, in the oil painting sense. Through careful observation and execution of colour interaction, Virginia conveys the beauty inherent in the foliage.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support artists in their local community as well as the Blackburn Hamlet Library.

Library hours are: Monday to Thursday: 10 - 8:30, Friday: 1:00 - 6:00, Saturday: 10:00- 5:00, Sunday: closed

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support artists in their local community as well as the Blackburn Hamlet Library.



Arteast Open studio / St. Laurent Complex
Studio-libre d'Arteast /complex St-Laurent

September - December studios will be Sep 10 & 24, Oct 8 & 22, Nov 12 & 26 and Dec 10.
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Please pre-register for the next 'open studio'. We need 6 members per session for the studio to run. The registration form is available on the Arteast website http://www.arteastottawa.com.
Please confirm with one of the following Arteast volunteers:
Corinne Feasey:c_feasey@hotmail.com
Dorothy Zorn: dzorn1624@rogers.com

Prenez note que le studio des mois sep - dec: sep 10 & 24, oct 8 & 22, nov 12 & 26 et dec 10
S'il-vous-plaît veuillez-vous préinscrire pour cette nouvelle session. Nous avons besoin d'au moins six membres pour que cette activité ait lieu! Le formulaire d'inscription est disponible sur le site Web d'Arteast http://www.arteastottawa.com.
Merci de confirmer votre présence avec un des bénévoles suivants:
Corinne Feasey:c_feasey@hotmail.com
Dorothy Zorn: dzorn1624@rogers.com


Website Opportunities with Arteast / Profitez du siteweb d'Arteast
for more information/plus d'information check here / ici


ATTENTION MEMBERS: We have a new e-mail address: president@arteastottawa.com. If you have any announcements that you would like the general membership to know about please use our new address.