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Arteast is a highly active not-for-profit visual arts organization.
Arteast est une association très active dans les arts visuels.

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Blackburn Library exhibit by

Lynne Alsford

Perspectives On Orchids

July 28th - September 22nd, 2018

The Blackburn Hamlet Library in conjunction with Arteast is proud to present an exhibition of photo-based artwork and paintings by Lynne Alsford. In these works, Lynne explores the colour and form of the orchid in paint or uses the transformative processes of photoshopping to re imagine the orchid, manipulated to varying degrees or set in interesting and unexpected backgrounds, sometimes holding the flowers captive inside bubbles.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support local artists in their community as well as engaging with the Blackburn Library.

Contact: Art Coordinator Jessie Parker Jessie@photobasedart.com

Library hours are: Monday to Thursday: 10 - 8:30, Friday: 1:00 - 6:00, Saturday: 10:00- 5:00, Sunday: closed



François Dupuis Recreation Centre
"Full Bloom" Art Exhibition

July 16th - September 17th, 2018

The public is invited to visit Arteast Ottawa’s latest art exhibition space at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre located at 2263 Portobello Boulevard, Ottawa, and includes works from four active volunteers within the Arteast membership.

Four artists bring their best works. Flowers in full bloom abound. Claire Ouseley brings us flowers, large and bright. Anne Warburton has pictures of summer locales to remember. Tall flowers are brought to us by Christine Godin and last but not least Linda Foley brings us entertaining mash-ups of pop culture icons.

"Full Bloom" runs until September 17th at the François Dupuis Recreation Centre located at 2263 Portobello Boulevard in the Avalon area of Orleans. The centre is open seven days a week. All the artwork is for sale and any would make an excellent gift.

For more information on the François Dupuis Recreation Centre, visit the City of Ottawa’s website or contact the centre directly at FDRC@ottawa.ca or 613-580-8080.

For more information on Arteast Ottawa visit their website at www.arteastottawa.com. To contact a member of the Arteast François Dupuis Team, please send an e-mail to francoisdupuis@arteastottawa.com

Whirling by Claire Ouseley



St. Laurent Complex Library Gallery

Christine Gendron - Exhibition of Paintings

St-Laurent Library, in conjunction with Arteast, is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by Ottawa artist Christine Gendron. This solo show is titled Colours (that make me happy) and runs from July 13 to October 5, 2018.

This collection of abstract paintings showcases the artist’s love of using various methods to apply paint on canvas to achieve unusual, interesting compositions. With a flair for colour, she likes to paint in blue, magenta, fushia, purple, black, and silver to create uplifting pieces that are both calming and exciting. Christine paints primarily in acrylic.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support artists in their local community as well as the St-Laurent Library.

Location: St-Laurent branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 515 Côté Street,
Ottawa K1K 0Z8
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10:00 - 8:30, Friday: 1:00 - 6:00,
Saturday: 10:00- 5:00, Sunday: closed

Lore Organ
at Luna Sole June 26th and ends July 31st.

Lore has been passionate about painting since early childhood and as she explains in her own words, "the need to doodle, then draw and then paint has been part of me since the time I could hold a pencil and colour". Over the years Lore has been able to develop her skills by participating in workshops and experimenting with a variety of media. These experiences, as well as the encouragement and support of other artists have greatly factored into her success as a painter.

Even though Lore's participation in the arts was minimal during her teaching career, her passion never ceased. She was able to use some of that creativity to assist her in reaching out to students with special needs.

Lore's retirement from the York Region Board of Education, allowed for a more concerted re-engagement with the art community and a re-ignition of her passion for painting. Lore held memberships at Kingcrafts, and SOYRA in southwestern Ontario. Since re-locating back to Orleans, Lore has become a member of Arteast, Nepean Fine Arts, and the Manotick Art associations.

Her art is entitled, 'Art Stories by Lore Oser'. As she explains – every scene/image has a story attached which can be obvious or imagined in order to elicit a connection with the viewer. Simply put, her goal is to be a good story teller through her art.


Effective immediately, the newsletter editor has a new e-mail address: editor.arteastottawa@gmail.com.
Therefore, please send articles and any other e-mail communications intended for the newsletter editor to that address.

Stephen Quinlan
Behind the Curtain

April 27, 2018 to October 26, 2018

Legal Information Centre of Ottawa
Albert St, 14th floor, Suite 1400
Tuesday through Thursday 9am - 5 pm

The Legal Information Centre in conjunction with Arteast is proud to present an exhibition of Healing Visions at the Rideau Shore titled “Behind the Curtain”, paintings by Stephen Quinlan. This solo show runs from April 27 to October 26.

The works celebrate sunrise over the Rideau Rover as viewed from Strathcona Park.

This is a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, encourage and support local artists in their community as well as engaging with the Legal Information Centre.

Contact: Art Coordinator Jessie Parker Jessie@photobasedart.com

Arteast Aprons

100% durable cotton
Soil release finish for added stain protection
Two patch pockets and a pen pocket
22” width and 30” length -Large
Chance to win a free apron as one of the many door prizes at the GWA meetings.

Available for purchase at “Grow with Art” meetings for $15.00 ea.!!!!!

Good news/ Bonne nouvelle

DeSerres offering a 10% discount on all regular-price merchandise in store. Arteast Ottawa members must present their membership card for the discount. This offer is only available at the St Laurent shopping Centre,1200, Saint-Laurent blvd. (Ontario) K1K 3B8   DeSerres vous offre un rabais de 10 % sur tous les articles à prix régulier en magasin. Les membres D’Arteast Ottawa devront présenter leur carte de membre pour bénéficier du rabais. Cette offre est seulement offerte au magasin du Centre St Laurent shopping Centre, 1200, Saint-Laurent blvd. (Ontario) K1K 3B8.

St. Laurent Complex Gallery
Call for Artists

The Arteast Team at the St. Laurent Complex Gallery would like to issue a call for artists for upcoming shows in 2018.

Winter Mix: January 11- March 8th
Spring Mix: March 8th- May 10th
Summer Mix: May 10th- July 12th
Fall Mix: July 12th- September 13th

Each exhibit space can accommodate 4 artists at a time.
Please email stlaurent@arteastottawa.com as soon as possible if you are interested in showing your art work. Changeovers take place on Thursday evenings starting at 5:30 pm.

The St. Laurent Complex is an inviting and fitting space for Arteast members to display their works. Each artist will have a maximum of 10 feet of wall space to display two-dimensional pieces of art for sale. Items must be dry and ready to hang following the Arteast guide lines.

The centre is very accessible. It is open seven days a week, Monday to Friday from 5:30 am to 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to 6 pm.

Artists are responsible for all handling and hanging of their artwork. An exhibit fee of $20 per artist applies. Please refer to the Arteast website for forms, regulations and more details. Artwork without proper hanging hardware will, unfortunately, not be accepted.

Reserve your space today!

The St. Laurent Complex team.
  L’équipe Arteast du Centre St-Laurent recherche des artistes pour ses prochaines expositions:

Winter Mix: du 11 janvier au 8 mars
Spring Mix: du 8 mars au 10 mai
Summer Mix: du 10 au 12 juillet
Mix d'automne: du 12 juillet au 13 septembre

Le Centre St-Laurent est un lieu convivial et agréable où les artistes membres de Arteast peuvent offrir leurs œuvres au public. Le Centre est facile d’accès. Il est ouvert 7 jours sur 7, du lundi au vendredi de 5:00 à 22:00, et les samedis et dimanches, de 7:00 à 18:00.

Le Centre peut accommoder quatre artistes par expo. Prière contacter par courriel stlaurent@arteastottawa.com le plus tôt possible si vous êtes intéressé à exposer vos oeuvres.

Les accrochages auront lieu le jeudi soir à partir de 17:30. Chaque exposant disposera d’un espace de 10 pieds pour accrocher ses tableaux disponibles pour la vente. Les oeuvres doivent être sèches et prêtes à être accrochées. Les artistes ont l’entière responsabilité d’accrocher eux-mêmes leurs oeuvres. De plus, ils devront s’acquitter des frais d’exposition de 20 $ payables à Arteast.

Prière vous référer au site web Arteast pour obtenir les formulaires et règlements. Les oeuvres dont le système d’accrochage ne sera pas conforme seront malheureusement écartées.

Réservez votre espace dès aujourd’hui.
L’équipe du Centre St-Laurent.

St. Laurent Public Library

Call for Artists

Are you interested in having your own solo exhibit?
Opportunities are available starting in September 2017.
Exhibits run three months and your art can be for sale or not.
The St. Laurent Library (515 Côté St, Ottawa) has a great wall space of
21' in length.
Larger works are recommended because of the wall's height.

Please contact Linda Dabros at dabros@sympatico.ca or
613-731-5652 for more information

Website Opportunities with Arteast / Profitez du siteweb d'Arteast
for more information/plus d'information check here / ici




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